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Detrended Price Oscillator

Detrended Price Oscillator eliminates the trend effect of price movement. This simplifies the process of finding out cycles and levels of outbidding/resale.

Long-term cycles consist of several shorter cycles. Analyzing such short components helps to define crucial moments of the cycle's development. DPO gives a chance to eliminate the influence on prices of long-term cycles.

To calculate DPO you should take a certain period. Remove cycles that are longer than the chosen period from price dynamics, and leave shorter cycles. Half of the cycle's length is used for smoothing. We recommend using a period of 21 or less.

The bounds (overbought/oversold levels) come from the history of previous behavior of prices. It is recommended to stand in a long position if DPO first falls below the resale level and then gets above it. Crossing of the zero point from above followed by a rise above that level is also a signal for opening a long position. Everything is vice versa for short positions.


DPO = CLOSE - SMA (CLOSE, (N / 2 + 1))

SMA — a simple moving average;
CLOSE — the closing price;
N — the period of the cycle (if N is equal to 12, DPO resembles the DiNapoli Detrend Oscillator).

Source Code

Full MQL4 source of Detrended Price Oscillator is available in the Code Base: Detrended Price Oscillator

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